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Our Services

Our services start with building up relationship with the client and working towards focused and well-defined job profiles to get the right person. We pride ourselves as being a "solution driven" firm. We can confidently say that we will make every effort possible to achieve your timing commitments, budgetary restrictions and other requirements. In short, we offer quality services at a highly competitive prices.

Prayag Business Associates believes in viewing client as a long term partner and constantly thinks from the client's perspective and objective every time. This is why we are considered as the experts in providing solutions to clients who have discreet recruitments for middle and senior management positions.

Search Talents

Talents are primarily sourced through our network and contacts developed over the years, we also have a good database build over the years and also use other external available resources.


Candidates are short listed after attaining a clear understanding of their expertise, Knowledge, aspirations, traits etc and matching them with the profile along with the Role demands and work culture of the organization.


Screened and Shortlisted profiles are shared and interview scheduling is closely co ordinated , we also take post interview feedback for our reference. Interested candidates are also offered training on Carrier guidance.

  • Assess your resource requirements, based on the service line and business unit.
  • Set the resource benchmarks.
  • Design the recruitment solution strategy.
  • Develop a resource acquisition model.
  • Acquire, filter and monitor the resources in aligning to your business needs.
  • Drive selection procedures.
  • Select the candidate.
  • Drive selection procedures.
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